Liverpool Student Accommodation Costs – Let’s Compare…

Latest figures state that only 20% of students in the UK choose to stay in their home cities to study at University. The rest gather all their worldly possessions, purchase a bulk pack of supermarket’s own brand noodles and head out to investigate a brand new metropolis.

With limited knowledge of a new city the majority of first year students opt for accommodation in University run halls. Unsurprisingly students in London pay the most for their accommodation, with costs averaging a gasp-inducing £151 per week, but taking into account all regional differences the national average is more like £100 per week. University accommodation as a whole is increasing in cost year on year, and has seen a 22% rise in the past 3 years alone.

According to figures from The Guardian, accommodation provided by private landlords in Liverpool is, on average, between £25 and £70 cheaper per week than in University run halls within the city. In a list of 30 top UK University cities, Liverpool was found to be cheapest for rent with private landlords, beating, amongst others, popular University cities Manchester, Nottingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Birmingham and Leeds. Interestingly this was not reflected in the cost of Liverpool’s University provided halls, with 18 cities offering a cheaper rate per week.

Liverpool also came in cheaper than all of these University cities in the category of ‘general survival and nights out’, so all in all, and considering how top-quality those nights out are in Liverpool, our students are quids in!