Student Accommodation Change-Over Time

Rooms4u HQ is building up to it’s busiest day of the year! This Friday 1st July will see our biggest tenant change-over, with many of our students moving on to pastures new and fresh contracts beginning for the coming 12months.

The opportunity to move in during the summer provides our students with plenty of time to settle in before term starts, and a secure base from which to enjoy their summer months to the full. Short contacts can often create problems for unsuspecting tenants such as long rental gaps between contracts, leaving them with expensive storage bills and a long stint of couch occupancy at their mate’s dingy gaf. Also, should you be one of the lucky ones who has managed to find a part-time or summer job then you’re ready to go, without any disruption.

We certainly recommend making the move at this time of year, when the weather is good, exams are over, and your time is more your own. This way too you’ll know all your local shops, bars and bus routes, and be fully acquainted with your new housemates well before the pressures of term time begin.

So good luck with the move everybody! Happy new home to all our new tenants, and bon voyage to all our old friends packing up.