It’s Global Scouse Day Today

Today is Global Scouse Day! Now you may be wondering what that means, but as seasoned Liverpool students we hope you will have tried our regional scouse dish at least once over the last year. No? Well, now is the time to stop wondering what you’ll be eating for dinner, and to get your biggest pan out. We have the perfect recipe that has been tried and tested with scousers and honorary scousers alike so you’re guaranteed to enjoy this one.

The best news is that scouse is the perfect student meal. Forget fancy ingredients that costs an arm and a leg, all you’ll need for this famous dish is some beef, carrots, onions and potatoes- simple!


1kg of Beef or Lamb

500g Carrots

500g Onions

1kg Potatoes

2 Stock cubes

A bit of Oil

A bit of Water


First things first, you need a big pan. Heat your oil in the pan, and then start cutting your meat and vegetables. The next step is to finely cover your meat in a bit of flour and then put it in the pan until it has begun to brown. Next, add the vegetables and pour in enough water that will cover the food in the pan.

Throw your stock cubes in, then bring your pan to the boil. After it’s begun to bubble away, reduce the head to a simmer. Leave your pan like this for the next three hours (while you have a drink, watch the latest episode of Coach Trip, or whatever else you like to do after a hard day at university.)

Dig in! This is enough for 6 big portions so the perfect thing to get your whole house or flat together for.

Let us know what you think and enjoy, we hope we’ve converted you!