Liverpool Students Head Back to University

It’s a shock to the system that’s for sure.. our body clocks seem to have gradually worked their way round to nocturnal over the holidays, making the back to uni get-up pretty traumatic. Some of us have started back already, and for the rest of Liverpool’s students there is only a day or two left until the alarm clock must be set. I have a feeling there’ll be a few snooze buttons put into action before the routine is resumed.

Surviving January term is all about finding some new year enthusiasm. The end of the University year is just about visible on the horizon, and with this in mind, a new Christmas pencil case in hand and the next student loan installment soon to hit the bank account it’s onwards we go.

Set yourself some goals over the next few months to help the time pass by until spring; that reading list you were supposed to work through maybe? Or a few chapters of that looming dissertation? Plus you’ll feel like you’ve truly earned those new jeans when the loan comes in, and we all know that guilt-free jeans look better on!