Make your student home Christmassy on a budget

Christmas markets have already popped up across the city and we’ve decided to embrace the festive season with both hands. This Sunday, we’ll be welcoming in the 1st December, meaning there’ll be Michael Buble playing in shops, and Love Actually on the television. So in the spirit of Christmas, now is the time to get the deccys and the tree up in your student homes!

We know just how expensive Christmas can be once you add up all the decorations, food and nights out but it is possible to do things on a budget. Head to your local pound shop, supermarket or charity shop and you might just get lucky with a cheap Christmas tree. Although we all love the smell of pine needles, real trees can be a real hassle and can’t be reused next year, so go with an artificial model to get the most out of your money.

If your parents have got any old decorations that they don’t use anymore, make use of them in your student home! Lots of tinsel, fairy lights and baubles could be going to waste in that box in the attic…

Have fun making your own stockings- you can’t go wrong with an old sock, some glitter and anything else you can find to decorate it with!

Make your own decorations- we’re thinking paper snowflakes and chains to hang from your window frames.

Try doing secret santa with your flatmates! You can set the budget at whatever you want, so aim for a fiver and find the most random gift you can.