Top 10 Revision Tips

Students often suffer from lack of motivation around this time in the academic calendar, it normally means that your revision should well and truly have started; it also means you are so close to enjoying the summer but have one massive mountain to climb before any fun can really begin. Students its EXAM time…

Here are some tips to keep you motivated and hopefully help you and your flatmates survive this ‘testing’ time.

  1. Remember that your University library is there to help you, use it! Go and check out some relevant study material, the library can also be an excellent place to get some quiet time and some serious revision done without the distraction of your room mates.
  2. Study some past exam papers, Universities sometimes use the same questions and simply word them differently. Be careful though remember the chances of any papers being the same is slim and you do not want to base all of your revision on one paper only to get into the exam and find your paper is completely different.
  3. Stay awake and alert. Using a colour scheme can often help you memorise information that you need to know, take regular breaks; this will help you to stay focused.
  4. Organisation is very important, all those lecture notes that you made and hand-outs you were given should be organised neatly into a folder so that any information you might need is there and ready to be used.
  5. Share with your housemates any difficulties and stresses you are feeling, the chances are they are feeling the same too.
  6. Do not sit at the computer ready to revise and then start checking social networking sites and shopping online…. We know it’s difficult but trust us that will not help you to pass these exams.
  7. Remember sleep is very important, before you go to bed, have at least 20 minutes of relaxing in order to help your brain switch off making it easier to fall asleep.
  8. Sitting at a desk hungry will not help your concentration, remember to keep yourself well fed, take a breather at the same time as your housemates and have a meal together.
  9. Make sure you are prepared on the day of the exam, if it’s an open book exam don’t forget to take your materials, if you need a calculator don’t forget yours and most importantly don’t forget to take a pen.
  10. Remember this time may feel like hell but remember once these exams are over you can enjoy a nice long summer holiday.