Christmas Jobs for Students

It’s an expensive business being a student – accommodation, bills, books, busses and beers put a strain on the ol’ debit card. If you’re interested in getting a Christmas job then it’s time to strike while the iron’s hot and get looking. Lots of retailers and restaurants take on extra staff over Christmas, not  to mention the warehouses that supply them, and the post office too. Plus if you impress, then there’s always a chance you’ll secure a part time job afterwards to fit in with your student timetable.

Christmas jobs are a great way to earn some extra money over the University holidays, and any work experience adds skills to the CV. Start looking now, as many companies will be upping their workforce in the next few weeks. There are some good student websites such as student beans that list jobs, or you can also try the job centre website.

Here’s ho-ho-hoping you find the perfect job.