Coping With Exam Stress This January



January exams are just a few weeks away and that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach is back. Having to throw yourself back into the reality of exams after an indulgent Christmas period is never going to be fun, and being out of the academic loop for so long can cause some students to feel completely overwhelmed.

We’re here to offer a few tips that may help you to keep a calm head over the next few weeks – it’ll be over before you know it, we promise!


1. Make sure you’re drinking lots of water. It’ll help your brain work at its best and will keep you going through long sessions.

2. Maintain a healthy diet. Especially after stuffing ourselves over Christmas, fresh fruit and veg plus 3 good meals a day will help you get more work done. Revising with friends or flatmates? Taking time out to cook together will help you all to feel better.

3. Take regular breaks. You’ll be able to work harder if you’ve got a reward waiting for you at the end.

4. Get some exercise. Going for a walk or a run is the perfect release when you’ve had your head stuck in books for far too long. Alternatively, try a yoga or pilates class at your local gym- its a sure-fire way to relax.

5. Factor in as much sleep as possible. It’s so much harder to concentrate when you’re eyes are drooping, so get into a routine of going to bed and waking up at the same time.

6. Try not to worry. Once you’re out of the exam room, put it all out of your head and concentrate on your next test- more often than not, exams will have gone better than you thought!

7. If you’re really feeling anxious, you need to talk to someone. All of the universities in Liverpool offer student support services and can help get you through those tough times when you might need a helping hand. Find help here: University of LiverpoolJohn Moores University and LIPA.

8. Don’t take on any extra pressure. Sometimes the worst thing is talking to friends about their revision and exams, it’ll only make you start panicking more! Try not to work yourself up with your exams – you may have in mind the grade you would like to achieve, but sometimes, too much worry has a detrimental effect on your exam performance.


Good luck!