Dealing With Homesickness When You’re a Student

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Apparently, 13th October is the day when most students are likely to feel the most homesick – with more students choose to jump on a train back home this year than ever before.

And that’s no surprise when you think about the huge amount of things that have gone on in the last few weeks – the excitement of Freshers Week, enrolment and starting your course at university. Whether this is your first year or your third, getting feelings of homesickness is completely normal and definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

Feeling low, anxious, unsettled, lonely or worried? It’s important to realise that this is a normal reaction to a complete lifestyle change and that you’re not alone.

If you’re feeling homesick and not sure what to do, a few of these things may help:

  1. Socialise with your house mates and course mates. It’s far too easy to shut yourself off in your room but you’ll feel a lot better having a stroll around town or a coffee with a friend. Chances are they’re probably feeling the same as you are.
  2. Stay in close contact with your family and friends from back home. Someone familiar can be the key to transforming your outlook, or giving you the confidence to stick with it a little bit longer to see how you feel.
  3. All of our universities in Liverpool are pretty fantastic at offering student support and can offer advice and support to get through the tough times. Get in touch with them here: University of LiverpoolLiverpool John Moore’s University and LIPA.
  4. If you find solace in throwing yourself into your work, make the most of it now. The library is a peaceful place to head and the extra studying will serve you well when it comes to the January exams.
  5.  Try and look at things in a positive light. Often you can find yourself making a bad situation worse when you feel so down, but it’s important to stay committed to your course and to try to enjoy it as much as you can – chances are it’ll get better the more familiar you feel!