Kitting Out Your New Student Room

Fresher’s week is over and Uni timetable has begun. It’s back to the books for Liverpool’s new and returning students, and with the extra time we’ll be spending in-doors as the nights draw in it’s time to make that student house a home. So how do we give our accommodation that cosy personal touch that makes it ours? You probably have a box of bits and pieces brought from your last place (perhaps it’s even still  in the box!) but here are some other ideas to get you feeling snug.

Lighting is always key, think about dotting some lamps around instead of your big blaring main light. Even buy yourself some fairy lights to really give your room some extra cosy sparkle.

The easiest and cheapest way to make a room feel like yours is to put some posters and photos up. Start a photo collage to add to throughout the year, crazy night after crazy night. Also you could make your own room name plaques, useful signposting for visitors!

If you find you’ve got a few pounds left over from your student loan (wishful thinking perhaps!) there are certain items that can make life indoors much more enjoyable.. Beanbags let you get comfy just about anywhere in the house, and there are even some which on a sunny day can go out in the back yard too, and on the theme of beanbags you could invest in one of those laptop knee cushions so that your legs don’t fry as you’re typing out essays on the sofa.

A simple toasty-maker can make every sandwich into a gourmet treat, and make sure your kitchen is also stocked with an emergency disposable BBQ for when that surprise day of sunshine appears.

A secret toilet roll stash is always a must for a house share, for obvious reasons, and another bathroom tip is a splash proof radio, accompaniment when you sing along in the shower.

Finally, an air freshener to quickly cover up the smell of last nights pizza incase anyone’s mum or new date visits, and you’re all set. A life of domestic bliss can be yours.. and there’s always room for a cheeky little trip to Ikea too.