Give Your Student Accommodation a Christmas Touch

Cosy little Christmas scenes are now popping up in living rooms everywhere, with lights and trees peeking round the curtains and giving the dark streets outside a festive glow. Christmas can already hit the bank account pretty hard, so how can you give your accommodation a Christmassy touch on a student budget? There are some great decoration bargains to be found in shops like ASDA, Home and Bargain and Wilkinson’s but one other option is to make your own!

Obviously you’re going to struggle to make a tree, and we would recommend leaving the fairy lights to the professionals, but in terms of decorations why not reach for your scissors and glitter and re-live your Neil Buchanan Art Attack days!

A few classics to jog your memory..

Paper snowflakes for the windows. You remember the ones, the folded circles of paper, cut into shapes and then re-opened to reveal a beautiful flakes of paper snow.

Paper chains. Different colour paper slices looped and stuck to form long Christmassy chains to drape around the tree or the room.

Felt tree decorations. Cut out shapes skillfully glued together to form some favourite Christmas characters – Santa, Rudolph, angels, elves, take your pick.