Halloween is On The Way to Liverpool

Halloween is fast approaching and is just one of the many highlights of the Autumn/Winter term. It’s always a big hit with students who love dressing up at any opportunity, but sometimes thinking of a good costume is easier said than done!

If you’re stuck for ideas and on a tight budget, we’ve come up with a few ideas which won’t break the bank. Remember, charity shops and pound stores are your best friends at Halloween, you’d be surprised what some face paint and old clothes can create!


1. A Mummy -Possibly the easiest Halloween costume ever made- just cover yourself in bandages (or toilet roll if you’re desperate) and you’re good to go! Unfortunately, chances are you will unravel at some point throughout the night.


2. A Zombie – Channel ‘The Walking Dead’ and this becomes a much more sophisticated costume! Pick up some cheap face paint from the pound store and get creative- half of the fun is making yourself look as ‘half-dead’ as possible.


3. A Ghost – Similar to the mummy costume, this one requires practically no effort at all. Grab an old bed sheet, cut two eye holes and you’re ready to go.


4. A Skeleton – Get yourself some black trousers, a black long sleeve top and some white fabric paint. The rest is self explanatory.



5. A Witch – If you’re not too keen on Halloween but still want to join in, this is the perfect costume for you. Wear a nice black dress, gothic make-up and indulge in a colourful wig.


6. Wolverine – If you’re currently rocking the beard trend, this is the one for you this Halloween. Use some cardboard cut into long strips and cover them in tinfoil- attach them to your hands or gloves for some make believe claws.


7. A Mime- You’re bound to have a stripy t-shirt lying around in your wardrobe, but perhaps not a red beret or some white gloves. Charity shops are the perfect places for finding accessories so pain your face white and see what you can put together.


8. Walt from Breaking Bad – Once you’ve grabbed yourself a hazmat suit from any DIY store, it’s time to get creative with some cardboard for a gas mask- there’s nothing you can’t make with PVA glue after all!