Halloween Weekend in Liverpool, Student Special

Have you got your Halloween costume sorted yet? There seems to be 2 basic options; either the classic look – Draculas, skeletons, dead cheerleaders and zombies, or the ‘any excuse’ option, into which fall your banana men, borats, sumo wrestlers and ‘sexy’ nuns.

..Anyway, more importantly what have you got planned for the Halloween weekend? As usual Liverpool’s clubs and bars have a whole (other) world of ghoulish fun planned. We found a great guide here which has a fair few Halloween nights listed, including Heebie Jeebies Days of the Dead Basement Party, Translucent Halloween Party at The Masque, and Halloween Fancy Dress Ball at Mansion. However, if you’re looking for the ultimate student Halloween shindig it seems that Sunday night may be the night for you.

Student Fest Halloween Scarefest 2011 will take place on Sunday 30th and will spread over 6 nightclubs in Liverpool’s super-popular Concert Square area in the city centre. For one night only each club will be given a different spooky theme, and the 5,000 expected student revelers will complete tasks, games and participate in inter-university competitions. You can even order a special university specific t-shirt if you like. Find all the event details and order t-shirts here.