Happy 2013 Liverpool Students!

Welcome to 2013 students of Liverpool! We hope you’ve had a couple of fun filled weeks, managed to enjoy a hard earned rest and overindulged in everything you could get your hands on.

Now we all start the year with the best intentions but it really is difficult to maintain the will power behind any New Year’s resolution, which is why we thought we’d offer any help we could along the way.

Top of your list is starting to think about your student finances. Christmas is always an extra drain on your bank balance, no matter how well you plan there’s always another night out or that something extra you want to buy. Try not to get tempted by Christmas sales, the discounts might look worthwhile but ask yourself, do you really need it?

Now is also the time to stick to your monthly budgets and cut down your living expenses. With January exams on the way, try to go out less and revise more, you might thank us in the end!

If you’re graduating this year and starting to have that mild feeling of panic creeping all over your body, get thinking about your next steps. Any volunteering looks great on your C.V and if you can manage to squeeze in a part time job, it all provides valuable experience. Have a look into internships or graduate schemes that you could be perfect for and do your research. Better to get a head start rather than panicking nearer the time what you’re going to do.

This last one comes from experience, please stop procrastinating! We know how easy it is to leave your essays till the last minute and spend your time doing nothing but that extra push this month could make a huge impact on your final degree mark come June.

So with that, we wish you the happiest of new years and are sending lots of positive thoughts your way.