Happy Christmas to all our Fabulous Student Tenants

Our chocolate calendars are nearly empty and even us lot at Rooms4u are preparing to leave the office for the festive break – although not for as long as you lucky guys and gals with your extended University holidays! So, as well as wishing all our student tenants a happy Christmas, we thought we’d better let you know how to get hold of us should an emergency occur.

The Rooms4u office will still be open on a part time basis through Christmas and New Year and so the best way to get hold of us if you need to is on the office number 0151 735 1440. If we’re unable to answer then you’ll be put through to an answering machine, which will read out a mobile number to contact in case of emergency. Someone will be available throughout the Christmas period on this number so if you hit a spot of bother don’t panic.

However, fingers crossed we will all enjoy a peaceful and happy break, so wishing you and yours all the best and a very merry Christmas.

Love n hugs, from the Rooms4u team xxx