Happy New Year Students of Liverpool!

Welcome to 2012 folks!! A new year, a new start – although perhaps a slightly groggy one if you spent last night celebrating! The whole of 2012 lies untouched before us, 365 days of opportunity, and what do you have planned? Maybe you’ll graduate this year? Or move into a student house share with your mates for the first time? Perhaps some of you have exciting University summer placements or travel adventures in the pipeline? Or something special going on in your family life?

Whatever the new year promises, you’ll probably be wanting to start it with new enthusiasm and high hopes, and possibly a new years resolution or two? A few common resolutions include getting fit, stopping smoking, reducing debt, finding love and spending more time with the family, but for many students top of the agenda is likely to be to study harder(!) after all it’s this side of Christmas that things start to heat up in the work-load stakes.

We still have a few days before life grinds back into motion though, so for now enjoy the last bit of the holidays, recover from New Years Eve, watch a few New Years Day films and charge those batteries ready for your 2012 come back! Happy New Year everybody!