Move Out

Move Out FAQ's


First things first

Fill out this form for us as soon as you can.


I’m ready to move out, what do I do?

Follow the steps highlighted in our Move Out emails! We need the exact date that you plan to leave so that we can organise everything on our end. We provide helpful forms and checklists upon your tenancy expiry, these make it nice and easy to leave your property without missing or overlooking a thing. Make sure to give your property a clean and take all of your belongings with you. Drop off your keys at our office in an envelope. Simple as that.


What is the latest date and time I can move out of the property?

The latest date you can leave the property is 30th June. You will have to be out of the property by 12pm. All keys will have to be posted on this date or before. If keys aren’t handed in by then, you will be charged £25, unless you have arranged this beforehand.


How do I get my deposit back?

The initial payment you made at the start of your tenancy was a £100 rent payment, not a deposit. For those who have paid a deposit, an inspection will be completed prior and after you move out. If no items are missing and there are no damages, deposits will be refunded within 30 days. 


How do I return my keys?

Typically, keys would be handed in by yourselves to our office. Because of Covid-19, we have now arranged a drop off service. Keys are to be placed in an envelope and posted through our letterbox (with your keyzapp tag attached!) to which the address is 467a Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AE. If you are posting your keys, please send by recorded delivery.


For any keys which are lost or not returned on 30th June you will be charged £25 per key.


Can I leave my keys with a housemate or in the property?

Do not leave your keys with anyone, no matter how much you trust them. Keys get lost or misplaced all of the time. You will be charged if they are lost, so avoid this issue entirely and drop them off at our office or post them recorded delivery.


Can I leave my duvet and bits behind for the next tenant?

Please do not be tempted to leave anything behind when vacating your property. A tin of beans is a nice gesture, but we cannot (for health reasons) leave anything in the property for the next tenant. This means we will have to remove the items ourselves which will incur a charge to you and your housemates. 


Do we need to clean the property before we leave?

Yes! The property needs to be returned to the same state it was in when you moved in. We aren’t expecting a professional standard, but please do show the property some respect and leave it looking acceptable. This includes the oven and fridge freezer.

Please also make sure all rubbish is disposed of correctly upon leaving and left in the appropriate bins. 


STEP by STEP Move out guide


  1. Fill out the form linked at the bottom of this email. This will provide us with estimated dates you expect to vacate the property fully. We understand this may be a presumed date at this stage but it is important nonetheless.


  1. Clear the house of all your belongings and rubbish. We do not need any extra cutlery or ironing boards – take these with you or dispose of them properly. If they are left in the property and we have to pay to have them removed and charges may apply (a separate email with all charges will follow). The same goes for rubbish – do not leave bin bags full in the house, please dispose of them properly.


  1. You will then need to clean the house/apartment! This doesn’t need to be a professional clean but we do expect the house back in the same condition it was given to you. Make sure everyone chips in and does their fair share – you know who we are talking about : )


  1. If you are paying your own bills – take final meter readings for your energy supplier and remember to cancel your broadband.


  1. PHOTOGRAPH YOUR PROPERTY. Given current circumstances we will be unable to meet you and inspect the property as normal. You will each receive an email with a link to upload photos of your property which will be used alongside our inspections as evidence as to how the property was returned to us. (The more detail the better!)


  1. Vacate your room/property and return your key to the Rooms4u office in an envelope clearly labelled:

Rooms4u, 467a Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AE



  1. If all is well, we wish you good luck on whatever is next!…..If there are damages that are not just simply wear and tear, you or your guarantor may be charged.


Here is the link to the form: