Moving during Covid-19

Moving during Covid-19

Can I move? Can’t I move? Will I be fined if I move out late? How do I move out? Sound familiar? Covid-19 really hit us all with a bit of uncertainty, but today we are happy to be the bearers of good news to you all. New government legislation has now been passed which has adjusted restrictions within the letting industry.

The new legislation explains that you are now free to move in or out of properties and vacate as normal to the end of your tenancies, without fear of breaking current rules. Furthermore, if you are considering moving in and beginning your tenancy with Rooms4u, or if you are coming to the end of your existing tenancy; you can do so with no worries in your mind. Follow this link to view the entire amendment in all its boring government glory:


Below we have outlined some important tips and health advice for moving day:


  1. Personal Protection Equipment: Upon collection of your keys, we will be providing a small care package of protective equipment; such as hand sanitiser and anti- bacterial spray. Try to get your hands on a filter face mask. During your move, you are likely to come into contact with at least one other person; whether it’s your chatty, likes to stand too close, neighbour in the lift, or the friend who is helping you with your boxes. Wearing a mask will help to protect yourself and those around you. Gloves in whatever form will always provide a little bit of extra protection. Try to grab a pair of disposables and avoid touching your phone whilst using the gloves.

  2. Plan it strategically: Make sure to plan ahead to avoid moving stress. If you’re changing location then plan it out so that your journey needn’t be any longer than it has to be. We may all be in lockdown, but don’t forget that many are still working/ have commitments so if you are relying on others to help, make sure to ask with plenty of notice. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the weather. It can make or break your moving day.

  3. Keep your numbers down: Just because lockdown restrictions have been lifted for movers, don’t forget that Covid-19 is very much still around us. We recommend trying to keep your moving numbers low. Try to get help from as few people as possible and ensure they are all protecting themselves whilst helping you. Communication is key; inform your housemates of your moving time and date, so that your house isn’t full of friends/ family all at once. If you need to travel in a car/ public transport; then keep your distance as much as is physically possible and ensure you are wearing adequate personal protection like a mask and gloves.

  4. Don’t panic: Moving shouldn’t be stressful, it should be fun. You may not be able to run to IKEA to start kitting out your new surroundings, but use this excuse to take it slow. There’s no (physical) lectures or freshers events to panic over, so make sure to take your time and enjoy the process.

  5. Moving in: Normally, we’d meet all of our tenants at the property to handover the keys and show you the ropes, but unfortunately it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do that this year, however, we will be setting up an outside key collection station at the back of our office throughout the summer and into September where we can safely handover keys and give you some vital information. We’re also going to work very hard to get video instruction inside the property to show you the ropes too.

  6. Helping Hand: The office phones will be fully manned throughout the summer, so you’re not in this alone.

There you have it, some good news when we needed it most. We hope this eases many of your concerns and ends any uncertainty you may have been feeling. If you now need to update your moving out info, or are yet to do so, please use the link below:


Chin up,