How to Live In Harmony With Your Housemates

We’re sure all of our student tenants are currently enjoying the fun of Fresher’s Week (which always seems to spill into two weeks!) and we hope you’re all starting to settle in well. Some of you may be living with friends or you may have just joined a house already full of students, but one thing is for sure, you’re not going to agree about everything, all of the time.

That’s why this week, we’re putting together our tried and tested tips on living in harmony with your housemates- it might not be easy but sometimes compromises have to be made!


1. Food. This is always a big problem in communal halls and student houses. We understand how frustrating it can be when food from your cupboard or the fridge goes missing and in this instance, it’s best to get the issue out into the open as soon as possible.

If you’re all regularly using milk and bread, a communal kitty from where you can buy household essentials is a good solution. If even after a frank conversation you find food is still missing, it might be best to keep some items in your own room- investing in a mini fridge is always good. Just make sure everything is properly stored to keep any unwanted animal friends at bay!

2. Privacy. It’s so important when it comes to communal living, to respect each others privacy. Don’t head into your flatmates room if you’re not sure they’re 100% happy with you going in.

3. Space. It can be chaotic if you’re living in a big house to find a bit of time for yourself, but it is important to be aware that everyone does need their space. Chances are if your housemates took themselves off to their bedroom and shut the door, that’s a sign to give them a bit of time alone.

4. Guests. Establish early on what the house rules are for having friends over. When you’re sharing a living space, don’t take advantage by always having friends/partners over if it’s impacting over housemates.

5. Late Nights. Try to be considerate of your other house mates when you’re coming in late/ stumbling in from a night out. No one likes to be rudely awoken in the middle of the night and it is a recipe for disaster if it happens regularly.

6. Safety. Keeping your student home as safe as possible is important- make sure you’re locking all doors and windows, don’t leave spare keys lying around, keep an eye on any cooking food/candles and no smoking indoors.

7. Cleanliness. This is a basic one, but guaranteed to prove a big issue if you don’t all agree to keep the house clean and hygienic. A rota is always a good idea for big groups and obviously, keep your own room clean and tidy too.

8. Be Aware of Uni Deadlines. If you and your housemates are on different courses, deadlines may vary greatly. Be considerate when other people are studying/trying to get work finished- this includes all of our above points!