Liverpool Student Newspapers, Get Involved

Have you come across LS Media yet? Whether you’re a budding journalist or just keen to read quality articles written by your Liverpool student peers, then make a visit to their website here. LS Media is Liverpool’s largest independent student newspaper and has just been shortlisted in the Guardian’s 2011 Media Awards for ‘Best Student Website’ – congratulations guys!

With articles on everything from travel to politics, and beauty to gaming, LS Media also have their own radio station and Film production group, so you won’t fail to find something of interest. Plus, if you have a way with words you can even get in touch about writing for them, which would definitely look good on your CV, particularly if English language or journalism is your thing.

It’s been rumoured that Liverpool’s student population has now reached the 70,000 mark (wow) so there’s a plenty going on in our city, and it’s a great idea to keep your eyes on local papers, blogs and forums etc. to make sure you’re ‘in the know’ about local, as well as national and international goings on. Obviously our Rooms4u blog will remain your favourite for all things students, Liverpool and accommodation, but that goes without saying!