Jubilee Weekend

Why not celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in style? The Jubilee weekend starts on Saturday 2nd June and carries on through to Tuesday 5th June.

Instead of thinking about getting drunk and staying up until all hours, why not concentrate on cucumber sandwiches, cakes, tea, spam and coronation chicken curry. These are all retro foods that you may want to think about, some people may be less than impressed at these foods, but try them you never know. You will also find that these retro foods are rather cheap and may become a must in your student house.

If a street party isn’t really your idea of fun, why not take a trip on Liverpool’s famous Yellow duck bus, if it’s good enough for the queen then it’s got to be good enough for you. This option however is a little more pricey; however they do have a concession for students priced between £8.95 and £11.95, depending on when you go.

For those of you that would prefer to simply visit your local pub, then do it, enjoy this special weekend as not everybody will get to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee and so we think that that’s an excellent excuse to take it easy and do whatever your heart decides.

Decorate your student house or flat with bunting, have a meal together and keep your fingers crossed that the weather in the UK continues to be as perfect as it has been.