Look After Yourself This Freshers Week

Freshers week is fast approaching and the majority of our tenants are all moved into their new student accommodation! The most exciting (but longest) term of the university year starts now and we know you’re going to love it. Although the nights are drawing in and you’ve got to make your student loan last for the next five months, you’ve got welcome week, Halloween and Christmas to look forward to- exciting!

Whilst some of you may be veteran Scousers, the majority of our student tenants are visitors to the city and moving to a new place can be daunting in the first few weeks. We wanted to make sure you’re looking after both yourself and your friends as you begin to settle in and hopefully start having the time of your lives!


1. Don’t over-do the alcohol. Although the hundreds of drink offers may be appealing, you’re probably going to get drunk very quickly. If you’re drinking before you even leave your student accommodation, the night can rapidly go downhill when you realise just how drunk you are before you’ve even left! Pace yourself and try to grab a glass of water at some point in the night. A heavy meal before you start is also the best idea if you’re planning on having a wild one.

2. Avoid confrontation. This one tends to go hand-in-hand with alcohol but it’s important to keep your head and remain calm- both with fellow freshers and other people. Making a good first impression is important so don’t do something you’ll later regret.

3. Look after each other. You may have just met but your housemates or course mates are making up your friend circle in the first few weeks. Make sure you’re aware if anyone is too drunk or needs looking after.

4. Budget your night out. You may just be thinking whether you have enough money for alcohol but it’s important to keep some aside for getting home. If you’re not sure how much a taxi will cost, err on the side of caution and take more than you think you’ll need.

5. Plan how you’re getting home. It might sound obvious but know the address of your student accommodation and where abouts it is! If you’re not staying out too late, the bus could be a cheaper option and if you already have your bus pass, you’re saving already! If not, we’d recommend ringing a private hire taxi- black cabs tend to be more expensive. Try Village – 01514277909 or Delta for private hire cabs.

6. Keep your keys and all belongings on you. Don’t put anything down while you’re dancing unless someone you trust is watching it! Take extra care with your keys, wallet and phone too.