Make Sure Your Student Home is Safe This Christmas

The longest term of University is coming to a close and the festive celebrations are in full swing. Before you head home for the Christmas break, we have a few tips to make sure you’re student accommodation is secure and safe whilst you’re away. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


1. Check all windows and doors are securely locked. Keep a spare key if possible, so you’ve got no problems getting back in after the Christmas break.

2. Make sure all curtains and blinds are shut- don’t forget small windows in the bathroom or kitchen.

3. Keep all valuables out of sight. Leaving expensive laptops and items in full view is a recipe for disaster and would be the worst thing to discover after the Christmas break.

4. Set your house alarm and know who to call if any problems arise.

5. If you won’t be based too far away from home over the next few weeks, consider popping in for a short while to check everything’s still ok and as you left it.

6. Schedule your central heating to come on for an hour or so every so often when you’re away. It would be a nightmare to come home to frozen pipes, and even colder hands when you’re trying to revise!

7. Don’t leave any of your appliances on standby. Although it’s a nuisance to check that everything has turned off at the wall, it will help save pennies when the January bills come in.

8. Check in with your neighbours. It’s great if you have a good relationship with those living next close by, meaning there’s an extra set of eyes watching your home whilst you’re away. Give them a contact number in case anything does happen over the break.