New Students Hit the Streets of Liverpool

Uhoh, lock up your daughters / sons / valuables / fancy dress outfits… Freshers Week is upon us! It’s that time of year when a new round of students descend upon the city centre to celebrate their new found status as undergraduates!

During the next few weeks Liverpool’s bars and clubs will be falling over themselves to tempt in the hoards with special student drinks deals, party nights and fancy dress themes. No night will be a ‘quiet night’ for the next few weeks!

Liverpool Students Union will be hosting it’s annual Welcome Fest this month packed full of events, fairs and not-to-be-missed nights out between 17th Sept and 1st Oct. The purchase of a Welcome Fest Wristband for £45 will give students entry to 14 nights of special Freshers club events plus a Welcome Ball on the 7th Oct to round off the festivities. Check out the Welcome Fest timetable here.

The key to a successful Freshers Week is to pace yourself. If you go too heavy on the juice on the first night you’ll render yourself useless for the next few, and also seeing as the whole idea is to get to know everyone you don’t want to label yourself The Messy Idiot before you’re even off the starting blocks. Be careful, enjoy yourself, and look out for each other, and welcome to Liverpool!