New Survey Reveals Craziest Student Cheating Methods

Students doing homework and preparing exam at university, closeup of young man writing in college library

Have you ever cheated on an exam? A new survey by The Student Room that reveals the most bizarre ways that students have confessed to using to cheat has been circulating like wild fire in the national news.

The survey, which asked nearly 1,000 students, revealed that one in ten admit to cheating on an exam- and that’s just the ones who have admitted it!

Some of the bizarre methods that students have admitted to using are:

  • Using a UV light pen on their arm, water bottle or clothing, and then using the light on the end of the pen to reveal the answers
  • Writing equations within nail varnish on fingernails
  • Trying to flirt with teachers or exam invigilators
  • Using morse code – (we’re impressed!)
  • Writing notes around fingers and covering them with rings
  • Hiding answers under a headscarf
  • Developing a code to signal different letters and numbers
  • One girl admitted to writing answers on her thighs, then wearing a skirt with tights. When she needed the answer, she pulled her tights so she could read her notes!