Cut travel costs to University in Liverpool

As a student, lots of different things use your money up pretty quickly, with huge tuition fees and student loans, to food, travel and hundreds of books for your course. On average, students spend just under a thousand pound over three years on travel, so any money that can be saved is going to go a long way! With the price rises which have come into effect this month on some Liverpool bus services, we thought it was about time that we urged you to think of more cost effective measures to get into university.

Perhaps the most obvious choice, get a bike. Although you’ll have to shed out a little bit at first to get a decent model, you should be saving hundreds over the length of your course, plus you’ll get fit at the same time. Try here and here for some local options.

If you don’t fancy cycling to lectures, why not just walk? The majority of our student accommodation, if not in the city centre, is only about a twenty five minute walk from town. If there’s a few of you walking to the library, you’ll be there in no time (and will burn some of those alcohol calories off in the meantime!)

Student friends lucky enough to have a car? Think about car pooling together. If you put some money in for petrol, we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to give you a lift too.

If you definitely need to hop on the bus to university, make sure you’ve got a term pass or yearly student deal. You’ll save hundreds in the long term and it saves you searching round for change when you’re in a rush!