Prepare for your Liverpool graduation

Your graduation is on the horizon and you’re starting to panic. What to wear, what to say and what to do when you’re stood on stage in front of your parents, friends and fellow students is a tricky prospect, but luckily Rooms4u is here to help guide the way.

-Most importantly, make sure you know where you’re heading. Venues change and can be different depending on which degree you’re studying for, we’re sure your mum won’t take kindly to being dragged round town in a hurry!

-Double check your date and time. If you miss it, that’s it.

– If you’ve got an unusual name or it’s hard to pronounce, make sure you contact your university to clarify how you would like it said. Usually, they will call you first but it’s always best to make sure.

-Know where you’re picking your gown and hat up from. This is always a hassle with lots of other students getting theirs at the same time, plus you need time to get used to a large mortar board on your head.

-Wear something you’re comfortable in. New shoes, shoes with slippy soles, ill fitting trousers or skirts with too short hemlines can all add unnecessary disaster to the day. Go for comfortable but smart to make sure you look the part, you’re going to have these photographs for a long time so make sure they’re good!

-Enjoy! This is your time to shine after all your hard work over the years so relax and go with the flow.