Rooms4u Complaints Procedure

Rooms4u are committed to providing the best possible customer service and results.

However, sometimes things do go wrong. They don’t happen or work out the way that you (or we) would hope and expect them to.

In these situations, we want to listen to your feedback and understand what has happened, for three reasons.

When we mess up, we want to:

  1. Hold our hands up and apologise
  2. Put things right for you, if that’s possible and
  3. Make sure the same thing cannot happen again to you or anyone else.


How can i complain?

When something has gone wrong, the last thing you want is to be told that you have to “put your complaint in writing, with a formal letter, setting out a comprehensive record of all the facts with supporting evidence.”

Policies like these can add insult to injury. They tend to be there to make it as hard as possible for you to complain – in the hope that you’ll just give up and go away.

So we don’t ask you to do this, and have a very different policy and process that removes the burden from you and we hope will help you get a more personal and speedy response as well as resolution to your concerns.

And of course, if putting your feelings down in writing and sending a letter is your preferred approach, then that’s fine too.

Step 1

The Rooms4u office manager is the best person to help in the first instance, whether it is them that you have already been dealing with, or a member of their team.

If something has gone wrong, they will want to listen; understand; take on board your feedback; do whatever they can to put things right; and learn any lessons there may be to be learned from the situation.

Whether your complaint is about the office manager themselves, or a member of their team, please do not be afraid to tell them.

They will welcome your feedback and will want to hear your story.

They will not ask you to put your complaint in writing. But of course, you are welcome to do so, if that is how you prefer to work.

The Rooms4u way is not to shy away from difficult conversations. In many cases unless you prefer not to, a Rooms4u representative will arrange to meet with you in person so they can hear and respond to your feedback face to face.

They will also write to you (within no more than 14 days of your call advising them that you wish to formally complain), summarising their understanding of what has happened and gone wrong; providing you with their response; and summarising what actions they will be taking as a result of your feedback.

We hope that this will bring the matter to a close for you. But if having received their written response, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, then we would invite you to move on to Step 2 of our process.

Step 2

Once the Rooms4u office manager has responded to your complaint, your next step should in theory be to escalate your complaint in writing to the Property Redress Scheme.

Rooms4u is a member of the Property Redress Scheme. This means that we have to operate in line with required service standards.

Before escalating to the PRS, we would like the opportunity to help from a Director perspective. By doing so, we can hopefully remove the need for you to spend time and effort putting everything in writing to the PRS.

Call Adam Ormesher on 0151 735 1440

If you prefer to put something in writing at this stage, then you can of course do so.

Adam’s contact details are as follows:

[email protected]

Adam Ormesher, Customer Service Director
467a Smithdown Road,
L15 5AE

Adam should already be aware of your situation before you get in touch, as the Rooms4u office manager will have sent a copy of their written response to you from Step 1 of this process.

Adam will listen to your situation and concerns, so that she can understand exactly what has happened, and which aspects of the office managers written response you remain unhappy with.

He will then feed this back, and will ask them to contact and write to you again within 14 days to address your remaining concerns.

Adam will also confirm all of the above in writing to you, within 7 days of your telephone call.

By the time the Rooms4u office has responded further with input and support from Adam, we really do hope that this will bring the matter to a close for you.

But if that’s not the case, then the final stage is for you to formally escalate your complaint for official adjudication by the Property Redress Scheme.

Property Redress Scheme

Unfortunately, sometimes despite our very best efforts, we may not be able resolve your complaint to your total satisfaction, and you will feel the need to escalate to the Property Redress Scheme for formal independent adjudication.

In such situations, the PRS requires you to complete their official complaints form and send this to them with a covering letter, including full details of your complaint along with supporting documentation and copies of your Rooms4u office managers written response(s).

The address to which your complaint should be sent is:

Property Redress Scheme
Premiere House,
1st Floor,
Elstree Way,
WD6 1JH.