Secure Your Student House Ready for the Christmas Holidays

For many of you this is your last week in University before breaking up for the Christmas holidays, and what an exciting time it is! Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the Christmas hype you’ll no doubt be looking forward to a couple of weeks off Uni and spending time with family and friends.. and maybe even some home-cooked meals and presents if you’re lucky!

However, in all the excitement don’t forget to lock up and secure your home for the holidays as you leave, particularly If all your housemates are also heading back to their respective home-towns or family homes within the city.

Lock up properly, close all your windows, set the alarm if you have one and either draw curtains or make sure any valuables are out of site. If you’re based in, or close to Liverpool consider popping in from time-to-time if you can, and if you’ve managed to get to you know any of your neighbours then leave a mobile number with one of them so they can let you know if there are any problems.

Another thing to consider when you’re locking up is to check that everything is turned off. Check your oven and all your lights are off, and flick your appliances off at the wall to avoid wasting electricity with them on standby. Also alter your heating as there’s no point in paying to keep an empty house nice and warm. It is a good idea however to have it timed to come on for an hour or 2 each day just to stop any pipes freezing if it gets too cold – no-one wants to come home to a water leek.

It might be hard to remember all these things as you’re stumbling out of the front door with your bags and trying to lock up with your mittens on, but try to make time as it will save you money on your bills and help to ensure your home is secure while you’re away.