Settling in to University and Student Life

September is a hectic University month, as students far and wide settle into their new timetables, accommodation, and for some, their new city. There are inductions to contend with, new Uni buildings to find, people to meet, and areas to get to know, not to mention all the freshers week action to get involved in. All in all your feet have probably barely touched the ground, and your student room may not be quite the sanctuary you envisaged just yet, as all your worldly possessions still lie in a heap in the corner.

For the time being your main priorities will be to settle into your course and new time-table, and to spend some time meeting or re-acquainting yourself with your housemates. There’ll be plenty of time over the next few months to organise your desk draws and put your posters up.

Enjoy the first few weeks of the new university year, welcome to Liverpool if you’re a new arrival, and freshers’, try not to blow your entire student loan on cheap shots and fried chicken this weekend!