Stay Safe on Your Uni Nights Out

The last couple of months you’ll no doubt have had your fair share of nights out, especially with the first installment of your student loan fresh in the bank – and all in the name of settling back into uni life of course..

99% of the time those nights out pass by without any drama (bar a few drunken tiffs) however, it’s important to bear in mind the things that can, and occasionally do go wrong, stay aware and try your best to avoid them. As we all know, alcohol suppresses our inhibitions – that’s why you find yourself dancing on a podium swinging your t-shirt round your head from time to time, but in exchange for supplying you with the confidence to go and chat to ‘that’ guy or girl at the bar, it can also have some not so great effects.

The best thing you can do to avoid problems when you’re out is to pace yourself. By not taking that final stagger into ‘ruined’ you’ll instantly be less at risk of getting into fights, walking into the road, losing your friends and getting robbed. Don’t be an accident waiting to happen, drink long drinks rather than throwing the shots down and add a soft drink into the mix every now and again (your mates won’t even notice). Also, girls in particularly, keep hold of your drinks. Although rare, spiking does happen, so don’t put your glass down when you dance or nip off to the loo. You can even buy little test kits and bottle covers etc. to be extra safe.

The best way to avoid confrontations is to stay aware, you can usually see trouble coming and if you’re on the ball you’ll be able to avoid it. If you do get caught up in anything always walk away, as guaranteed it won’t be worth it and you never know who you’re dealing with.

Women can be more at risk when walking alone at night, particularly under the influence, but it is unadvisable for guys too. Always make sure to stick with at least one friend, and don’t let each other leave alone. If your friend has clearly had a few too many don’t let them go home with anyone, if they’re that keen then they can take a number and call the next day.

So all in all use your head, and make every night the best night ever!