Make the most of your student C.V this Christmas

We recently blogged that now is the time to start searching for that all important Christmas job in Liverpool and we hope you have heeded our gentle prodding! The task of sending off C.V’s and handing them to vacant retail staff can feel a little bit demoralising and pointless at times, so we thought we would offer some helpful tips on how to give your C.V a bit of a makeover, before you head back to your student homes in despair.

First things first, initial impressions are vital. Employers spend an average of 8 seconds looking at a C.V so make sure yours stands out with a professional font and keeping it concise and to the point. It is always a good idea to include a cover letter and to make sure you tailor all your applications to the specific employer or sector. Doing a quick google of the company before you send those applications off could be the different between securing an interview and not hearing anything back!

After you’ve listed your personal details and educational history, you’re onto the most taxing part. When you start writing about your past jobs or work experience, make sure you’re describing your skills and what you have learnt, rather than just creating a boring description of what you did. Sell yourself! If you haven’t got loads of experience behind you, don’t be afraid to mention something positive you have done in university or with friends, it all helps build your character profile and show you have initiative and drive.

It is always a bonus to list your personal hobbies and interests at the end of your C.V too, stay away from common pastimes such as socialising and listening to music and maybe include something relating to your degree, eg, creative writing and studying English.

Most importantly, remain positive on your job search. Most Universities have a career service which will be able to point you in the right direction so check their websites out or take a visit to your student union. Make sure you hand your C.V into different places; head down to Smithdown Road and the Georgian Quarter, as well as the city centre to make sure you cover some different areas.  Fingers crossed, you will have some extra money rolling in over the festive season to spend on your loved ones (or on the mulled wine at the Christmas student balls!)