8 Easy ways to make money as a Student

8 Easy ways to make money as a Student..

1. Surveys

Online surveys are super quick and super simple to complete. You don’t get thousands, but if you have some spare time they can be a great way to add a quick £20 to your pocket. Try:
Opinion Outpost
I Say

2. Refer a Friend

By Referring a friend to us, you get a quick and easy £50 when they sign. Not to mention your friend gets £50 too! WINNER WINNER. Click HERE to refer a friend.

3. Hospitality

With the news of lockdown being lifted, bars, cafe’s and restaurants across the city are preparing to re-open. Be savvy and get your CV in there quick; pop them a phone call or reach out by email. Odds are plenty of them will be needing staff and quick. 

4. Student Ambassador

At Rooms4u, we understand how tricky and terrifying it is to leave University only to be endlessly applying for jobs with little to no joy. That’s why we created our student ambassador programme. A flexible job in which you will be our student voice. Help us out with day to day jobs and receive some training and experience to pop onto your CV; helping to kickstart your career. Drop us a message or give us a call for more info.

5. Become a Babysitter

Get paid to watch TV, it’s as easy as 1,2,3. Maybe do check in on the baby every now and then too.. Added bonus if you find a house with a dog.

6. Sell your possessions

Depop, Ebay even good old Instagram DM sliding.. selling your clothes is quick, easy and a pretty good way of making some serious cash.

7. Tutor GCSE/ A-Level

The information is fresh in your brain, so why not teach the next generation? Get in touch with families you may know who have children going through GCSE’s or A Levels and are in need of some help.

8. Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat

Whether you bike or drive, being a food delivery driver can be a nice quick way to make money nowadays. There are plenty of different companies to apply to. Not to mention, they are consistently growing and expanding so you should find it pretty easy to find work. Some Dominos branches are now open 24hrs, so maybe enquire with them if the above fails.

Hope it helps,