A-Level Results Day – Congratulations!

It’s finally here, A-Level Results Day! Rooms4u would like to send a big congratulations to everyone receiving their results today and a special congrats to those who will become Liverpool students come September! If you’ve chosen to study in our great city of Liverpool, we can safely say you’ve made the right choice, you’ll have guaranteed best nightlife, art galleries, libraries, parks, restaurants and of course, student housing and university campus’!

Amongst the excitement and joy you’re feeling right now, it can be a bit daunting to think you’ll be starting university in just a month, so we thought we’d try to give you an insight of what to expect when you get there.

University is very different from the sixth form or college environment you may be used to, here independent learning is key. You’ll be expected to do lots of background reading and research to keep up with your course schedule and to prepare fully for your lectures, seminars and practicals.

It is all about getting the work/student balance right, you can go out and make the most of those student nights, but must be able to keep up with the workload in the meantime. When you’re not in lectures or on campus, use this time wisely. It can be easy to think you can spend the whole time relaxing but pick up a book or head to the library, you’ll thank us in the end we promise!

Make sure you take care of your money and try to budget as you go. It can be so tempting when you look in your bank account and find your student loan sitting there, but don’t spend too much on going out or clothes, use it carefully.

Get to know your flat mates. Until you meet more people on your course, these fellow students will be your new friends and it’s important you start to know some friendly faces, especially as being away from home isn’t easy.

Head out to freshers events. It’s the perfect way to meet new people, experience your new city and have a bit of fun before all the heavy studying begins!

If you’re worried about missing home too much, make sure you take lots of photos, little trinkets and reminders of home to keep you going when you’re feeling low.

Most of all, enjoy it! You’ll have a great few years at university and hopefully come out the other end with a fantastic degree, loads of new friends and a new city to call home.

Lots of luck to new freshers and congratulations again on your A-level results!