Best blogs for students

If you love reading blogs aimed directly at you, the student, then we’ve got a great list of where to head for a bit of light reading (other than your faithful Rooms4u blog of course!) Student blogs are great places to get the inside track on the latest deals, tips or relevant student news, plus you get a great insight into how other students are coping in different universities.

If you’re looking for the latest student headlines that could directly affect you, The Guardian, and The Telegraph all have great articles which will ensure you’re finger is always on the pulse of the latest goings-on.

Social student is a great all rounder, giving you all kinds of deals, reviews and articles on coping with everything student living throws at you.

If you’re in your final university year, or just starting to look towards the future. and Graduate Fog have some great articles which might prove helpful in your search for that perfect future job.