Celebrate the end of exams this January

It’s been a long few weeks but finally exams are coming to an end. After the excitement of the Christmas break and the sheer terror of having lots of exams in a short space of time, we bet you’re feeling pretty drained right about now. But with the time you’ve got before next term starts, you have the opportunity to let your hair down a little bit. If you’re at a loss of what to do with all your free time, we’ve got it covered.

1. Of course, now is the time to go out and party like you never have before. Hopefully, your student loan is sitting in your account and you’ve got a tenner or two left over from Christmas presents, so embrace the wealth of bars and clubs Liverpool has to offer. We advise heading to The Baltic Triangle, Seel Street and Concert Square for some fun.

2. Catch up on all of the shows you’ve missed. When you’re working hard at uni, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s on TV/Netflix so now is the time to immerse yourself into Breaking Bad, Dexter and maybe a bit of Downton Abbey on the side.

3. Spend some quality time with your friends or house mates. Through the past few exam weeks, you may only have caught passing glimpses of your nearest and dearest, so get together, make some food and hear how much everyone else has panicked over their exams!

4. Start planning your summer. We know it’s a few months off but with festival tickets needing to be bought, and cheap flights more likely the earlier you book, now might be the perfect time to get together with your friends or house mates and get your summer holiday sorted.

5. Sleep, sleep and then sleep some more. Take advantage of the lie ins, have a few lazy days and try to rest and relax as much as possible before the new term starts. You’ll be thankful you had a glorious two weeks of sleep when you’re frantically writing an essay at 4am the day before deadline day.