Crunch Time

Revision season is well and truly underway, with our Liverpool students battening down the hatches, getting the books and the laptops out …and logging onto Twitter to share their pain!

Research says that the key to successful revision is to start early, as our brains best absorb information in the morning, and we like this theory as it also makes for a guilt-free evening to relax, and maybe even a cheeky ‘well done’ pint in your local.

Coffee would seem like the obvious beverage of choice for your hours of trawling through text books, but you’ll actually do better to keep those brain cogs oiled with lots of water, and to snack on potassium rich bananas to keep your energy levels and concentration up. Of course it’s still only right to reward yourself with a bit of chocolate every now and again, we’re only human after all! Once you’re a good few hours in, if you feel the cabin fever approaching then clear your head with a half hour walk around the park, or even a stroll up to the shops to get milk will do the job. Nothing worse than that feeling of loosing touch entirely with the outside world.

Liverpool has a good network of libraries both in the city centre and further out of town. Libraries offer a perfect revising environment without distractions from the TV, internet or housemates. So if you can’t make it into your Uni library, perhaps try one of those;

In the meantime, don’t despair! It will all be over in just a few weeks and your hard work and dedication will be rewarded with a bright future!