Daffodils are sprouting, time for a Spring clean?

Recovering from your Christmas break can be a depressing time, getting back to all of your uni work can be even harder, but now the daffodils are sprouting we can see the summertime fast approaching! This is the best time to start dusting off the cobwebs, clean all of your clutter out and make way for the summertime festivities. Your student house maybe rented but take some pride in your Liverpool home! If you're short on cash around this time of year why not take all of your unwanted bits and bobs and share them with others at a car boot sale, that way you can also make some cash while making some fresh space in your house or flat.

If you are sharing your house or flat this also means you accumulate all of your flat mates clutter as well, so why not work together as a team and do a bit of recycling or sell your unwanted items on a second hand website, it's as they say "one mans trash, is another mans treasure" your clutter may be worth a lot of cash.
As July approaches, you maybe preparing for a new flat mate to move in, so once all your clutter and possibly unwanted gifts are bagged up why not consider giving them to charity? Charities are always after new and old items and they will most definitely welcome your unwanted items!

Many of you students will be short of cash this month, waiting for your final student loan payment, so head off to a car boot sale and earn you and you room mates a little extra cash, then reward yourself for spring cleaning by spending your hard earned cash on whatever you want...