Gym time!

It’s the time of year where you will start thinking about your beach bodies and getting into shape for the summer holidays. There are a number of gyms around Liverpool with some excellent student deals available which won’t break the bank.

The local councils leisure service is called ‘LifeStyles’ and there are all sorts of sports and classes available across different venues within the city. To find your local gym use the LifeStyles website to look up your local venue. All sports, classes and price lists are available online so check it out.

As a student, money is often tight, so if your considering joining the gym make sure your doing the right thing. Joining the gym and paying a monthly fee is pointless if your going to go once a month. For those of you who would just like the option of going every now and again, city council gyms offer excellent pay as you go deals so check that out. You may also have a gym on campus which can be accessed in between lecture time.

The Liverpool University gym is onsite by the cathedral and Hope Students have great onsite sport facilities. For those of you in John Moores, the recently closed IM Marsh complex has made things difficult, so the Lifestyle options are the best way to go.

Being a member of a gym is an excellent way to not only get in shape but to relieve any stress you might have. If you are living with other students in a rented property sometimes you need some time to yourself so get down to the gym have a good work out and then relax in the sauna or stream room.