Hobbies to get involved in as a student to improve your C.V

The long University term before summer is in full swing and we’re hoping you are beginning to feel the ‘fear,’ (that moment when you realise you need to get your brain into gear for what’s ahead!) Now’s the time to get thinking about adding to your C.V and making sure you’re ahead of the game when it comes to applying for future jobs. If you’re still in the first year of your course and the thought of your future career hasn’t even popped into your head yet, get you thinking cap on!

We’ve put together, what we think, are the top 5 things to get doing which will improve your future career prospects and that will highlight you as that interesting and well rounded student that you are.

1. Get volunteering-Nothing looks worse on your C.V than employment gaps, especially when it comes to the summer months. If there are opportunities relating to your degree, jump at the chance of gaining experience. If you’re at a loss, doing voluntary work in your local charity shop will prove you have the initiative to get motivated.

2. Start a blog– This might seem like a waste of time but having a tangible way for your prospective employer to see your work will definitely pay off in the final interview stages. No employer wants to read your extensive essays or dissertation but regularly sparking debates and uploading your thoughts provides an easily accessible way for them to see what drives you.

3. Learn a language– An invaluable skill regardless of whether you use it to further your career. The Liverpool Adult Learning Centre offer a range of courses or you could just grab a book and go at your own pace. Either way, you’ll be open to a lot more opportunities with this tool under your belt.

4. Start a society– Showing initiative and the ability to manage a large group will add huge points to your C.V. and you’re showing you have a drive for new experiences. Again, look for something that applies to your future goals and be inventive!

5. Take part in a team sport– You can work well in a team, take control when needed and adds another dimension to your character. Luckily, you’ll keep fit and make new mates along the way!