How to do festivals on a student budget

The sun’s shining in Liverpool and the festival season is well underway. If you’re starting to wonder how you’ll afford your festival getaway on a student budget this year, we’re here to help.

One brilliant way to save is to start stewarding at festival. This might not be any use now you’ve bought your ticket, but is a great thing to bear in mind for next years festivals. Working in exchange for your ticket might sound like a chore, but you’ll have shifts allowing you to see bands you like and access to nice staff areas, complete with toilets and showers.

Try to buy as much drink as you can carry before you go. With pints in Glastonbury costings about £5, it creates a huge dent in your pocket. Taking alcohol with you is fine as long as it’s not in glass bottles so now is the time to invest in a trolley or a wheelbarrow and make sure you’ve got some strong mates around to help.

Try to bring food with you too. Cereal bars and crisps can be a big help in the morning when you wake up and are starving, but can’t muster the energy to go and get some food. Most festivals allow you to take cooking stoves with you so packet pasta, rice, mash and soup are all good options to keep you going on a budget.

Come prepared. If it’s going to be hot and sunny, bring sunglasses, suncream and aftersun with you. If it might rain, buy cheap wellies and waterproofs before you arrive. Buy a tent and sleeping bag too, it can get chilly at night. These types of things are notoriously pricier at festivals so don’t get caught out.

Look after your money. Don’t leave it in your tent or leave your bag anywhere- unfortunately thieves are everywhere.

Remember not to feel too guilty about splashing out on a cold beer or cider, it is your holiday after all!