How to Pull an All-Nighter

With essay deadlines looming, the fear begins to set in. Although you know you need to get started on your essay or you’re going to regret it, almost everything seems more appealing than sitting down and staring at figures and quotes. A huge proportion of students work better close to the deadline and there’s no shame in that. But if you need some tips on how to survive an all-nighter, we can get you through.

First, get as far away from your bed as possible. Your university library is the perfect place and it will make you feel better to be surrounded by hundreds of other panicking people too. Before you get started, take a nap. You’re best sticking to 15-20 minutes and this should (fingers crossed) help you power through till the early hours. Block websites which you know are going to distract you.

Eat simple. Slow energy reducing foods like porridge are a good idea. Rewarding yourself with chocolate or a treat at times throughout your panic will help keep your energy and happiness up a little. Don’t overdose on caffeine! Coffee and red bull are not your friends at 3am. They’ll let you peak but can make the energy drop even worse a few hours later. The burst in energy they produce can often cloud your mind and make typing sentences that little bit harder too. You’re best bet is to drink water to stay hydrated and to keep drinking tea steadily.

If you’ve made it through the night, make sure you print off your work before submitting it. Rather than reading it on a screen with tired eyes, seeing a hard copy will give you a new perspective. If you’ve got a few hours to sleep before you need to hand it in, now’s your chance! Once you wake up, another quick read through and you’re done!

Good Luck Students!