Keep your student house warm this winter

Bonfire night has been and gone, and we’re truly feeling the winter chill already. There’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day of lectures to find your once cosy bedroom resembles an ice box, plus the thought of standing in the chilly kitchen to cook a meal, which is your biggest challenge yet. Before you decide to stock up on onesies and fleeces, we have a few simple tips that can help keep your student home nice and cosy this winter.

1. Portable Fan Heaters- They may require a bit of expenditure in the beginning but once you’re stuck in the middle of January trying to revise, you’ll be thankful we suggested getting one now. Just be careful they’re not left near anything flammable!

2. Schedule your heating- If your heating is on a timer, you can make sure your bedrooms toasty when you’re getting ready in the morning and when you’re due to return home from lectures.

3. Keep your doors closed- We know that it’s nice to have your doors open when you’re all living together in a big student flat, but if you’re trying to keep warm, the heat will escape faster than you can produce it.

4. Invest in some draught excluders- They will help make sure any excess warmth isn’t slipping away under your door frame.

5. Leave your oven door open- After you’ve cooked whatever culinary delight you’re having for your dinner, leave the oven door open and try to eat in the kitchen.

6. Get your hands on some hot water bottles- It would be too expensive to leave your heating on all night but hot water bottles can be a saviour when you wake up with blocks of ice for feet.

7. Get moving- Sitting still is the perfect way to get unbearably cold so get your whole flat involved and get exercising! Whether you’ve got a Wii or just a good old celebrity DVD you can put on, you’re guaranteed to warm up sooner than you think.

8. Layers-The most obvious suggestion but a good jumper or two can be the perfect comfy companion.

9. Lots of hot drinks- Get the kettle on and a bumper bag of tea bags, you’ll thank us after a long day of lectures, especially when you’re in search of a caffeine hit. Consider investing in a flask- good for lectures and perfect when you don’t want to move out of bed to get a nice mug of hot chocolate.

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