Rain in July!

I think that we can all agree that so far this summer has been a wash out! With the prospect of snow and heavy flooding everywhere what can students be doing to pass the time away!?

Many of you will be leaving your shared house or flat to go and spend time with family over the summer period, so with such awful weather why not cook all your student friends a good bye meal and get together and enjoy some quality time before you go home!

Over the next week , Merseyside is set to experience more rainfall. Why not start to clear your room so that if you do go home for the summer, you know you can return to a nice clean and tidy environment. Why not see if your housemates want any of the items you are throwing away and giving to charity, you never know they may have something that you would like to keep.

Sharing your home with other students can be testing at times so use the summer holiday to rest, recuperate or party whichever takes your fancy and enjoy the break…Even if it is raining!