Secure your student house when you’re away this Christmas

Lectures are winding up for this year and there’s only one or two seminars left before we can bid farewell to 2013, and the last day of term. In amongst all of the Christmas excitement and the buying of train tickets home, the security of your student house is the last thing on your mind.  But, it is important to take care of a few things before you run home for your presents and Christmas dinner, so listen up for our top tips…

1. Make sure all windows and doors are securely locked. Keep a spare key with your other set so you can get back in easily after the festive break.

2. Draw all of your curtains- including those in the kitchen/bedrooms.

3. Keep all valuables out of sight. You don’t want to come back to find all your bits and pieces have gone.

4. Set the alarm and know who to call if there’s any problems.

5. If you won’t be too far away over the next few weeks, think about popping in for a while to check everything’s ok.

6. Schedule your central heating to turn on for an hour or so when you’re away. You don’t want to come home to frozen pipes, and even colder hands when you’re trying to revise!

7. Don’t leave anything on standby. Although it’s a pain to check everything’s turned off at the wall, it will help save some pennies over the next few weeks.

8. Check in with your neighbours. It’s perfect if you have a good relationship with those living next to you, meaning there’s extra eyes watching your home whilst you’re away. Give them a contact number in case anything does happen over the break.