Student Discounts to Make Those Loans Last

This term is often the most expensive for students. Not only does the beginning of a new University year mean there are books and equipment to buy, but also many have moved into new student accommodation, and so need a few bits and bobs to make it home. On top of this comes the cash gobbling monster that is Freshers week, then the costume hire for Halloween, and finally of course the run up to Christmas..! There is one thing you can do to ease the barrage of financial blows though, and that is to get smart to all the discounts and deals available for students, and use them.

Loads of high street stores offer student discount, Topshop, Topman, Office, Oasis, PC World and HMV & to name but a few. So make sure to always keep your student or NUS card on you, shop at the places offering discounts, and if you’re not sure whether they do, ask! Students food and drinks deals are all over the place, not only in pubs, bars and take-away shops, but also in some restaurants and even Somerfield supermarket.

Whenever you’re using public transport be sure to ask for a student fare, as these will often be significantly cheaper than a full price adult ticket, and even when going further afield companies such as STA Travel have some great student deals available.

There are various websites with information on student discounts that are worth a look. Check out or for starters. As well-meaning elderly relatives always say, “look after the pennies, and the pounds look after themselves”.