Student Volunteers

As a student, you get a lot of holidays so if you haven’t managed to find any paid employment why not think about volunteering? I’ts good for you, your community, the people around you and of course your CV! Why not try and find something to volunteer in related to your degree. For example if your student studies are in Health and Social care or Social work why not look into volunteering in a local hospital or care home. You don’t have to be in paid employment to enjoy your job.

Some students choose to volunteer abroad in places such as Africa, India and Mexico, what an experience that would be and it would look great on your CV especially when it comes to applying for full time careers, why not look into it. It also gives you a chance to travel around the world.

Volunteering a little closer to home can be just as rewarding. There are people all around you that need help; a new database has now been set up online for people who want to volunteer in and around Liverpool and Merseyside so why not check it out at

We all know that as student money is often tight and having a job that you don’t get paid for might not appeal to everyone but give it a go, you never know.