Study Gadgets Perfect for University Students

It’s a fact that gadgets can’t replace good old fashioned studying, but they can certainly help, and make it a bit more fun for us hard working students. You may not have two 10p pieces to rub together, but just incase you have some Christmas money or loan payment left over then these University friendly techno gadgets may be of interest to you…

Dictaphone: from around £25
Make sure you get the most out of your Uni lectures with the ability to absorb all that crucial info at your leisure. If you’re suffering with a heavy head and struggling to concentrate, simply record your lecture and write up your notes at home after a little power nap.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: from around £30
A priceless gadget if you have noisy housemates. Not only do these headphones play your favourite studying tunes for you but they also cancel out whatever background noise is going on too, making it easier to concentrate, double winner.

Portable Hard Drive: from around £50
An essential for backing up all of your University work, after all nobody wants to be that person whose laptop dies and they loose their almost-completed 5,000 word essay. Plus you can conveniently download and share files on the move.

Portable Scanner: from around £55
A nifty little gadget that allows you to scan on the go. Imagine, no more standing photocopying books in the library, you can just scan them straight in and send the files wherever you like.

Livescribe Smartpen: from around £80
These are no ordinary pens, they can record everything that you write and/or hear and can download the information straight into your computer ready for you to access and edit, no more typing up of hand written notes!

Amazon Kindle: from around £90
Aside from being a must for all you avid readers out there the Kindle can also be a brilliant study aid as you can download your reading list, possibly even some books for free. Also the Kindle allows you to highlight text, bookmark pages and add annotations and notes, even posting them to social networking sites if you fancy.