The Dos and Don’ts of House Sharing

what not to do when house sharing

The people you meet when house sharing at uni will either be the greatest, or the most annoying set of people you will ever meet in your life. Some will have been waited on hand and foot by mum and dad and therefore have no clue as to how to turn the washing machine on, and others won’t like being disturb before 11.30am.

But, you will come to accept that everyone can be irritating in some respect, and you’re probably just as annoying to them too. So, to help make the best of the situation, we decided to create a guide that will cover the dos and don’ts of house sharing.

DO…respect other people’s property

Have you got your eye on that delicious packet of biscuits that are just crying out to be dipped in your cup of tea? If they’re not yours then hands off! Don’t just assume that people will be ok with you using/eating their stuff! You should always ask first, and if they’re not around then walk away (or eat them and replace them before they return.)

DO…tidy up after yourself

Tidying up after yourself is essential for a harmonious house. Small messes eventually lead to big messes – which lead to resentment. Make sure you have a part to play when it comes to cleaning, both your own space and the communal areas, in order to keep the house happy (and hygienic).

DONT…move your partner in

Not only will it annoy everyone who is paying rent (why should your boyfriend/girlfriend not pay their way?), but it’s another person hogging the kitchen and bathroom.

DO…pay your way

If you have shared utility bills then it might be good to sit down and discuss acceptable energy use in the house. For example, no one wants to have to wear gloves and a scarf indoors because you’re being overly frugal, equally no-one wants to be spending an extortionate amount because you have the heating on full blast so you can saunter around the house in shorts and t-shirt. A shared bills account can work well, but just make sure you pay your way and you do it on time.

DON’T…spend your rent money

There will be times when money is tight, but it’s never wise to think you can blow your rent money on a night out in the hope that your house mates will cover it for you. They have their own bills to pay.

DO…make time for one another

Setting aside some time to bond with your housemates can really improve your environment. Good relationships take time and work, and just an hour a week can help ease any tension and bring you all together.


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