Unusual Sports

With the Olympics just finishing, we thought we would look at the most popular and most unusual sports around the world. Without doubt the most popular sport was Football, closely followed by Cricket in 2nd place. Lawn tennis, Baseball and Volleyball are in 3rd, 4th and 5th place respectively. Basketball and Hockey sit in 6th and 7th place and unusually in 8th place is table tennis ahead of Rugby and golf.

Now for the most unusual sports!
In 1st place we have Zorbing and in 2nd Bossaball which is a mixture of volleyball and football on a rather large trampoline. In 3rd place is elephant polo which is the same as normal polo except rather than being on a horse players are on elephants. In 4th and 5th place we have cheese rolling and Water jet packing. 6th place goes to octopush , which is basically hockey underwater. Trike drifting is in 7th place followed closely by hantis (ping pong with your hands instead of bats!). 9th is greased pole climbing and 10th place goes to tuna tossing which basically does what it says on the tin, sportsmen literally swing tuna around and throw it as far as possible.

Strange but true…